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Article: How to get long, thick lashes

How to get long, thick lashes

How to get long, thick lashes

Who doesn’t dream of having beautiful long, thick lashes, giving you naturally beautiful eyes? While makeup can give your lashes more length and volume, some tricks and good habits can help you achieve a doe-eyed look effortlessly  


While having a great eyebrow shape is important, it doesn’t mean you should forget about your eyelashes. Long, thick and curled eyelashes enhance your eyes and make them look bigger. There are many products and makeup accessories to make your lashes look great but there are also some tips and tricks you can use to take care of your eyelashes and enhance them naturally.   


Our tips to make your eyelashes naturally longer  


Eyelashes are fragile and need a lot of attention and care. You have to look after them daily to help them grow, strengthen them and make them look even better. 


1 - Remove your makeup! 


We can’t say this often enough: taking your makeup off is absolutely essential!  

Even if you have only used a touch of mascara, you still need to remove your makeup properly every evening. Removing all traces of makeup is important for your skin, but also for your lashes. If mascara is not removed, it can weaken your eyelashes. Smothered by a layer of makeup, they take longer to grow and become more fragile. As well as being good for your eyelashes, taking your makeup off is also important for your eyes. By leaving your makeup on, you run the risk of an eye infection (conjunctivitis, blepharitis, etc.)  



2 - Don’t rub your eyes 


When your eyes are itchy or burning, your instinct is to rub them, sometimes vigorously. This can include the eyelash area, and can pull eyelashes out or cause already fragile lashes to fall out. So try not to rub your eyes too hard and if you have to, massage the eyelid area without touching your lashes.  


3 - Look after your eyelashes with serum and oils 


We’re all used to looking after our hair with different products, oils and serums, so why not do the same for our eyelashes? They need to be nourished and moisturized just like our hair. Opt for castor oil or almond oil to strengthen your lashes and help them grow faster. Serums also exist to stimulate eyelash growth, which also help make them softer and therefore easier to curl. Applied for a few weeks, the serum can give incredible, natural results. Specially designed to enhance the natural beauty of your lashes, our revitalash range is perfect to enhance your eyelashes, strengthen them and make them less fragile.  


Getting great eyelashes with makeup 


Makeup is magic! Equipped with the right tools, you can completely transform yourself or in our case give yourself a beautiful doe-eyed look, in just a few minutes. To give your lashes more volume and length, here are a few makeup tips and tricks. 


1 - Apply mascara in a zigzag motion 


We all know that mascara can enhance and intensify your lashes. To properly apply it, so it doesn’t clump together and gives you more length, go from the root to the tips in a zigzag motion. This helps to separate the lashes and avoids clumping. If you want to give your lashes a bit more volume and curl, you can also press lightly on the brush as though you wanted to close your eyes.  


2 - Curl and lift your lashes 


An eyelash curler is an essential accessory if you want to give your lashes more volume and make your eyes look bigger. Used before applying mascara, simply pinch the lashes at the base for a few seconds, and you’re all set! But be careful not to use it every day so you don’t break your eyelashes. If you don’t have time for this or you prefer a longer term fix, an eyelash enhancement could be the perfect solution. Carried out in a salon, this treatment works particularly well for women with short, straight or drooping lashes. In under an hour, your lashes will be beautifully curled for a few weeks!  


3 - Eyelash extensions 


If you want sublime lashes in all circumstances, why not opt for eyelash extensions? Synthetic lashes are fixed onto your natural eyelashes to give them more volume, thickness and length. You can go for a subtle look or you can go all out, the choice is yours. Your lashes will stay long, thick and beautiful for several weeks.  

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