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Article: Celebrating grandmothers: makeup techniques for older ladies

Celebrating grandmothers: makeup techniques for older ladies

Celebrating grandmothers: makeup techniques for older ladies

In France on 6 March 2022, it is Grandmother’s Day, so what better occasion to remind ourselves that even after the age of 60 we can continue to look after and enhance our eyes. If you’re wondering how best to use makeup as you get older, we’re here to give you some tips and tricks.  


Often, people don’t dare to use makeup as much after a certain age, because they feel too old or they don’t want to overdo it and seem ridiculous… However, makeup is for all ages. At 25, 50 or 70, we can all enjoy makeup. With a few adjustments, there is a style of makeup to suit every age and skin type.  


Why should you use makeup after 60 ? 


For some women, makeup is a great way of looking after themselves, of feeling beautiful and good about themselves. So why stop? While you may need to adapt your makeup because of the wrinkles and lines that come with age, makeup is an excellent way of keeping a fresh, luminous complexion, looking a bit younger and hiding any imperfections that can crop up as you get older.  


How to use makeup after 60 


Your skin is not the same at 60 as it was at 20. It is important to adapt your makeup to your age and skin. Otherwise you risk looking more garish than elegant! From eyebrow makeup to lipstick to permanent makeup, almost anything is possible if it is done well.  


Your complexion 


When lines and wrinkles start to appear, avoid a heavy foundation that will make you look older and dull your complexion. Instead go for light, liquid foundations that can even out your skin tone without sinking into and emphasizing wrinkles.  


Powder and blusher can be used, but don’t overdo it and go for a natural, discreet look. Make sure you regularly moisturize your skin with the right creams and products to keep it supple and toned. 




Eye makeup can seem complicated after a certain age because of the wrinkles and lines that appear around your eyes. Start with a concealer and corrector to camouflage dark circles and bags under your eyes. Then, for a better hold, apply a base on your eyelids. Avoid eyeshadows that are too dark and weigh down your eyes. Instead, opt for natural light colours to light up your eyes and make them look bigger.   

You can also lengthen your eyelashes with mascara and continue using eyeliner. Be careful though to apply it on the edge of the eyelash and not on the waterline. Go for discreet shades like brown, plum or grey 


Lastly, eye makeup also involves eyebrow makeup. If your brows are looking a bit sparse with age, you can keep restructuring and making up your eyebrows to keep your eyes looking great.  




An essential part of any makeup routine, lipstick can of course be worn after 60. It’s best to change your habits a bit though and go for creamier, moisturizing textures. Also remember to use a lip liner  to avoid lipstick bleeding into the lines around your mouth. Our lips tend to get thinner and lose some of their plumpness with age. A lip liner will also help reshape them.  


In terms of colour, avoid shades that are too bright or garish, as well as matt lipsticks. Instead, try nude or pink shades 


Makeup after 60: permanent makeup 


The older we get, the more we lose our hair. Eyelashes and eyebrows can become very light with age. While there are makeup tips and tricks to change this, permanent makeup is an easy way to get long-lasting fuller lashes and brows     


Often older people don’t know how to make up their brows and opt for permanent makeup as a great solution to fill in light or thin eyebrows or lash extensions to give their lashes more intensity. As we’ve said before, opt for a natural and discreet look to enhance your eyes without weighing them down. There’s nothing more simple!   

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