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L'Atelier du Sourcil owes its unique expertise to its technicians. Having undergone complete training on all of the company's services for an average period of 5 weeks, our technicians are thoroughly trained in our own procedures.

This intensive training allows for proper assimilation of the techniques in line with the evolution of each individual and the complexity of the services.

The training is focused on learning how to provide services, expertise and advice as well as sales. The fundamental course concerns the morphological analysis that allows us to create a unique eyebrow tailored to each face.

Semi-permanent makeup is taught through a perfect knowledge of the skin and colorimetry in order to provide each client with sound advice. The understanding of eyelashes is further refined to provide a global answer to eye beauty.

All of our courses are given in our training center by qualified teachers with a high degree of expertise. It goes without saying that all our technicians have degrees in aesthetics / cosmetics.

Furthermore, their artistic skills, their ability to listen and their strong technical approach are required to provide expert services in the workshops. 

Our entire training is given in our Qualiopi certified training center by highly experienced training staff.

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