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Article: Bleached eyebrows: everything you need to know about this new trend

Bleached eyebrows: everything you need to know about this new trend

Bleached eyebrows: everything you need to know about this new trend

While most women want full and well structured brows, the bleached eyebrows trend launched in 2013 by Lady Gaga and Miley Cyrus is turning into the must-have look of the moment. This new trend is designed to make your brows almost invisible. But how can you get this look and is it really for everyone  



Bleached eyebrows: what does it involve? 

 This new trend turns the usual grooming rules on their head, with sometimes surprising results.  

A new trend  

Bleached eyebrows have been a big makeup trend on the catwalk for a few seasons now, sported by stars such as Cara Delevigne and Kim Kardashian. Bleached brows are designed to erase eyebrows by lightening them to the point that they become almost invisible. The results are surprising. This type of eyebrow makeup tends to be used for special occasions, and it is rarely part of a day-to-day look..  

Who suits this look ? 


Bleached eyebrows aren’t necessarily for everyone. Eyebrows help frame your eyes and features. Without them, your face can appear unbalanced. This is why you need to wear perfectly applied makeup with your bleached brows to redraw the lines of your face for a harmonious and striking effect.  


It is also worth bearing in mind that the result will be different depending on your complexion. While bleached brows are easier to pull off for people with blonde hair and very pale skin, the contrast will be more striking for people with darker complexions and naturally dark brows. This can produce magnificent and original results, perfect for a special night out, for example. 

How to get trendy bleached eyebrows ? 


Bleached brows are a fairly easy eyebrow technique. The tricky part is ensuring the rest of your face is perfectly made up to offset the lack of eyebrows, which can unbalance the structure of your face. 

The make-up option 


Here are the key steps for achieving a trendy and modern bleached eyebrows look:  


  1. Apply foundation as a base to cover your brows. 
  1. Powder your brows with your usual powder or a white powder for a more original effect. 
  1. Apply an eyebrow fixing gel for a long lasting look. 
  1. To offset the lack of brows, perfectly redesign your features by emphasizing the cheekbones and the nose line. For this you can use classic contouring techniques, but accentuate them a bit more. 
  1. As an optional last step, you can use bleached brows as the perfect occasion to enhance your eyes with a daring and colourful smokey eye makeup look that will showcase your eyes perfectly.  


The advantage of using the makeup option to achieve your bleached brows look is that it is temporary, making it the ideal way to embrace this trendy look from time to time. However, if you think this look can work for your day-to-day life, there are more permanent options so you don’t have to apply makeup every morning.  



Bleaching your brows can be a long-lasting alternative to help you save time on your daily beauty regime. Nonetheless, it is essential to think carefully before taking this step as it can take one to two months for your eyebrows to grow out. Also bear in mind that bleaching will be required regularly to keep your brows the same colour at the roots.  


If you want to bleach your brows, it’s best to head to the salon. Avoid the home bleaching kits you can buy in shops and video tutorials that use oxygenated water, if you don’t want to end up with damaged or badly coloured brows.  


What about hair removal ? 


We strongly advise against completely removing your eyebrows. Regrowth is slow and not always guaranteed. You risk ending up with very fine brows that might not grow back properly.  



The ideal way to try out bleached brows for the first time is to take the time to get it done in a specialized salon. That way, you can be sure your makeup will be done properly and you can pick up a few expert tips for trying it yourself at home. It is best to try out the makeup option before making any decisions about eyebrow tinting, so you can get an idea if this new trend is for you. You’ve got nothing to lose.  



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