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Article: Makeup trends for spring

Makeup trends for spring

Makeup trends for spring

What makeup styles should you use this spring to be really on trend? We look at complexion, eyes and lips, to give you the lowdown on the makeup trends for spring 2022 

Peachy makeup: THE trend for spring/summer 2022  

 Easy to wear day and night, the colour peach is everywhere at the moment. For skin, lips and eyes, peachy makeup was the star of Summer/Spring 2022 Fashion Week. From Instagram to Snapchat and TikTok… this new trend is everywhere you look. And with good reason, because it can suit any look 


Peach tones have the advantage of neutralizing shaded areas of the face and camouflaging hyper-pigmentation marks. They smooth out your complexion, illuminating your face for a flawless, fresh look 


Of course, you need to choose the right shade to suit your skin colour. If you have very pale skin, go for a soft colour, while if your skin is darker you can try brighter, stronger shades such as coral or apricot.  

It’s easy to add a touch of peach to your look, with a peach blush that will give you a natural glow. You can also include an eyeshadow in orange tones, finishing off the look with a dash of eyeliner and mascara. For your lips, peach tones can create an ultra-glamorous, natural effect that you’ll love.   


Graphic eyes and eyeliner  


The other trend for this spring is eyeliner and its different graphic variations. We no longer just settle for a simple line above the eyelid. Now there is double eyeliner, reverse eyeliner, different colours to play with… There are so many different ways to enhance your eyes and give them a hypnotic beauty.  


So you can give your creativity free rein, ladies, and try out something a bit more artistic. Metallic eyeliner, double eyeliner, a white or beige water line, (almost) anything goes!   


Glossy lips 


Yes, that’s right lip gloss is making a comeback! 

In 2022, the trend will be for shiny and glossy lips, enhanced with a luminous gloss. Natural and peach shades will be the order of the day. For more intense shades, like burgundy or browns, opt instead for a matt lipstick or permanent lip makeup 


Rhinestones and glitter 


This spring, you can dare to use colour and glitter. Very trendy in recent months, rhinestones and glitter are back in fashion. While rhinestones are not easy to pull off day to day, you can always go for glittery makeup 


Used on your lips with a gloss or glittery lipstick, or to enhance your eyes with a beautiful eyeshadow, glitter will bring an original touch and give your look a boost. This would work particularly well for evening wear or a special occasion.  


A glowing, flawless complexion 


One of the makeup trends for this spring is obviously a smooth, flawless and glowing complexion. Playing on light can emphasize certain areas of your face. A discreet touch of highlighter can give you a glowing finish and radiant complexion. 


Well-shaped brows 


Still very fashionable, full and well-shaped brows remain in the spotlight.  

While thin brows could be making a comeback, for the moment a well groomed, structured look is still the order of the day.  


Your brows should be full but not bushy.  

Why not give your brows a touch of star quality, making sure they are well shaped and frame your face? You could try out micrograyling, a new permanent makeup technique that gives you a beautiful eyebrow shape, which perfectly suits your face, by using various shading, gradient and colour techniques 


Naturally reshaped and fuller, your brows will help show off your eyes and give them more depth. Completely customizable, micrograyling, is designed in particular for women with very sparse or no  eyebrows.  


Now, it’s down to you!  

From eyebrow makeup to enhancing your lips, you know everything you need to know for an ultra-trendy look. Obviously, if you don’t want to end up looking like a paint palette, avoid using all these techniques at once!  


And of course, don’t forget to look after your face and remove all your makeup every evening. If you use a lot of eye makeup, make sure to take care of your eyelashes and eyebrows and use serums and revitalizing products to strengthen them.  

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