Youth Booster

CONTENANCE : 50 g - 1.8 oz.
Youth Booster
CONTENANCE : 50 g - 1.8 oz.
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Are you exposed to pollution and stressed by the demands of daily life? Are you looking for a global anti-ageing skin care? Then Booster Jeunesse is the right choice for you!

It is the result of an optimised combination of active molecules, concentrated in perfect doses. Each one has proven its superior ability in its field of treatment to restore youthful appearance to the skin.
At the request of our customers in search of sensoriality, the jar format allows to sublimate the velvety feel of Booster Jeunesse.

NOVHYAL: Stimulates cell regeneration and dermal-epidermal communication to strengthen and improve the dermal-epidermal junction. Helps produce hyaluronic acid.
RESISTEM: Activates skin cell defences, protects keratinocytes and stem cells. Improves active detoxification (oxidised proteins are broken down).
CATHIOSPHERE® CERAMIDE: This nourishing ingredient helps restore the skin's barrier to bring back its natural elasticity.

Day after day, your skin is more beautiful, smoother and firmer and younger looking. Wrinkles and fine lines gradually fade.