Rich Revitalizing Cream

CONTENANCE : 50 ml - 1,69 fl.oz
Rich Revitalizing Cream
CONTENANCE : 50 ml - 1,69 fl.oz
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In France, the menopause starts, on average, at the age of 51.
And this major hormonal disruption also has multiple effects on the skin. Drier, less tonic skin, brown spots, dull complexion, accentuated wrinkles... 83% of women over the age of 50 notice the consequences of menopause on their face. But no need to panic: cosmetic active ingredients are available to compensate for hormonal deficiencies.

Crème Sublime Revitalisante is quickly absorbed and deeply nourishes the facial skin. Re-densifies volumes and redefines contours. Strengthens the skin barrier and boosts collagen production for firmer skin.


SKINMIMICS® + HYDRASOME® + UNIMOIST: Improve the quality of the stratum corneum and counteract the degradation of NMF (Natural Moisturizing Factor) to improve the skin's ability to bind water and optimise barrier function.
UNITAMURON + NOVHYAL® MG: Restore the skin's defences against oxidative stress and free radicals. Support the production of hyaluronic acid, essential for the density of the dermis.

The formula contains ingredients that boost the natural synthesis of collagen and maintain the structure and elasticity of the skin.