City Mist

CONTENANCE : 50 ml - 1,69 fl.oz.
City Mist
CONTENANCE : 50 ml - 1,69 fl.oz.
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During the day, your skin is exposed to numerous sources of oxidation that encourage the development of free radicals: temperature, pollution, blue light, etc. These free radicals can accelerate skin ageing and degrade the quality of your skin.

City Mist is a hazy spray that helps your skin against the effects of free radicals in order to moisturise, restore radiance and plump up the skin.


Hyaluronic acid: Moisturises, provides firmness and elasticity to the structure and organises the dermis.
Peruvian pink pepper extract: Acts as an anti-pollution, purifying and anti-ageing agent.
Nasturtium flower extract : Promotes skin oxygenation and restricts the build-up of free radicals caused by digital pollution and responsible for skin ageing.

Moisturise your skin wherever you are. Adopt the City Mist reflex: your new way of fighting pollution, blue light and thermal shocks!